Exotic Mushrooms Private Limited is the pioneer enterprise in the field of offering best of the quality products in the Indian veterinary industry.

Founded in 2003, we are one of the youngest players in the world of Indian Animal/Aqua Healthcare.

Exotic Mushrooms Private Limited offers comprehensive health coverings to Animal/Aqua Healthcare and helps to improve their productivity.

We aim to survey and study the most prevailing ailments among Animal/aquatic animals bring them back to their healthy lifestyle by offering unique formulations. We have been able to rediscover the most result-oriented medication formulations from ancient herbal-based raw materials. Our products are scientifically well tasted, easily affordable, and most importantly safe for our animals.

As part of our quality control initiative, we are in constant touch with Veterinary experts and scientists to avail latest discoveries and incorporate them with our existing formulations to provide the most updated solutions in an affordable range. The prospective goal of Exotic Mushroom Private Limited is to be able to reach out to the needs of even the most deserted and remote territories to take care of their livestock’s wellbeing.

Currently, Exotic Mushrooms private Limited offers a brief range of innovative products and we aim to thrive further with many more in coming years. the strongest characters of the founder are relationship management and aquatic animal well-being that has resulted in tremendous goodwill that we enjoy today.

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Our Mission
Bring animals back to their healthy lifestyle by offering unique formulations
Our Vision
To offer the prime quality products to our clients and best possible experience
Customer convenience, Customer satisfaction, Constant growth of our clients


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